June 5, 2014

Ashley + Ryan / Gorgeous Boca Grande Wedding

Interview with the beautiful couple, Ashley + Ryan:
HOW DID YOU MEET? It all started with a chance meeting at MacDinton’s in Tampa. The rest is history.
WHAT ATTRACTED YOU THE MOST TO YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE? Ryan- Her gorgeous looks are undeniable and her soul was equally as beautiful
Ashley- The way he genuinely cares for others and his ability to be lighthearted yet sincere in everything he does. He has such a Christ-like love for me and his salt water, Bob Marley, Pizza, loving soul was perfect for mine.
HOW DID HE PROPOSE? Ashley had never seen snow before and dreamed of going skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Ryan planned the surprise proposal to occur on the top of the mountain at Deer Valley, Utah. Ryan faked like they were going to take a scenic picture with the entire Rocky Mountains as a backdrop and as his sister and brother-in-law went to take the picture, Ryan dropped to one knee and asked Ashley to spend the rest of her life with him.
WHAT INSPIRED YOUR VISION FOR YOUR WEDDING? I don’t think either of us knew what our dream wedding would be until it happened. It exceeded any vision we had. All we knew is we wanted our wedding to represent us and our values. It’s not every day you have all your favorite people in one place at one time, so we wanted everyone to have the time of their lives and feel our appreciation for being a part of us.
TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR VENUE: We started with the idea that we wanted a place that would be special to us that we would want to revisit in the future. We looked all over but wanted to find a venue that reflected us and after searching different places between Orlando and Sarasota, Ryan remembered a little fishing village he would go to as a kid. When we drove on to the island and saw the town and the Gasparilla Inn, we found the place we wanted to get married. You can’t help but smile when you are on the island and it was a perfect mixture of Ryan and I.
WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST PLANNING CHALLENGE? With so many people who have had an impact on our lives, refining the guest list to fit with the size constraints was very difficult.
WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT OF YOUR WEDDING? Our favorite design element was the personalization of it. We both really wanted to express our appreciation and gratitude towards our family and friends for being a part of our big day and tried to incorporate that into the details in everything from the coasters, to the thank you place cards. We wanted to make the night not only about Ryan and I, but all the people who have helped shaped who we are.
Ryan- We could not have pulled off the wedding without Ashley spending night after night for 6 months creating and making so much of the decorations.
Ashley- I loved every second of the DIY decorations because they meant so much to me and to see them displayed at the wedding made it that much more meaningful! My favorite was the dedication to our parents chalkboard sign.
Ryan- Never in my life will I forget the look or feeling of seeing Ashley walk down the aisle towards me. She literally took my breath away.
Ashley- Ryan’s cousin sang a beautiful song during our ceremony. During this time Ryan and I had our backs facing everyone and it seemed like it was just Ryan and I in that room. I remember looking at his face and I couldn’t hold back tears. Also, seeing the gorgeous sunset and feeling so much gratitude for the backdrop we were given!
DESCRIBE YOUR CAKE: It was a simple cake with three tiers made of a red velvet layer and two layers of vanilla with strawberry and cream cheese filling.
HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER? The first major detail Ashley had planned was the photographer. After a ton of research there was one photography team who’s quality and ability to capture the important moments stood out above the rest, and that was Concept Photography. They were absolutely amazing to work with! They were fun and so patient with our very large bridal party!! They were one of the best decisions we made and we always knew we were in good hands!
WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND AS A COUPLE? Since the wedding we have felt an amazing euphoric feeling but we can’t wait to experience whatever is next in our lives as a married couple! We do not have any immediate future plans, but that is part of the fun!
Band: All The Answers
Decorations & Flowers: Concept Bait
Invitations & Paper Products: Inviting Business Paper Boutique
Venue: Gasparilla Inn & Club
Hair & Makeup (for Ashley, not Ryan!): Rachel Reumann
Day of CoordinatorChristina Harris with Swanky Soiree


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