January 18, 2016

Christian + Patrick / Awesome Disney Anniversary Shoot

Christian + Patrick came all the way from Alaska for the Disney marathon. Ok, Christian came for the marathon and Pat came for ‘around the world’ in Epcot 🙂 While they were here they had a little photo shoot to help celebrate 3 years of blissful marriage. Congrats you two!CPAnniversaryBlog01CPAnniversaryBlog02CPAnniversaryBlog03CPAnniversaryBlog04CPAnniversaryBlog05CPAnniversaryBlog06CPAnniversaryBlog07CPAnniversaryBlog08CPAnniversaryBlog09CPAnniversaryBlog10CPAnniversaryBlog11CPAnniversaryBlog12CPAnniversaryBlog14CPAnniversaryBlog15CPAnniversaryBlog16CPAnniversaryBlog17

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